Threat of Special Assessment Made To Cover “Litigation” Expenses OKV COA is insured by CAU. So What Litigation Cost $100,000?  Click here. Erick’s personal legal defense.  Bob’s personal legal defense.  BSRJ’s fee-shifting of their legal defenses onto OKV. You have rights under the FDCPA. Demand to see ALL the LEGAL BILLS!!  Make Them PROVE and VERIFY THESE COSTS and then you’ll see where you’re money has gone! This is what happens when you don’t see the money. This is what happens when you have no vote. OKV NEWS A Site by a Homeowner for OKV COA Homeowners -- Information You Need to Know Until there is FULL TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY at OKV HOA -- This Will Continue & Light Will Be Shed.... Click on YouTube logo to see/hear videos.  A picture’s worth a thousand words... New Demands to Cease & Desist Frivolous Litigation Made AGAIN Tennis Anyone?  Click here. New Plumbing Amendment: You Are Now Responsible for Road Repairs and All Damages to Your Home Related to Blown Pipes in the Street. They can now access your home. This Is Illegal. Click here. OWNERS, DEMAND A RIGHT TO VOTE! THIS BOARD CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR MONEY!